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08 December 2025 @ 08:41 pm
Minna-san konnichiwa!

This is my new introduction post! :)
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so that's it.....see you soon~!! I'll be back soon.. Hopefully when I am sane enough...:D Sorry to my prev rants, i didn't expect that Koki's termination will affect me this much but I am a huge 5nin fan so if you are a tanaka koki hater, we will not get along... I support 4nin as well but I am not a Tanaka Koki hater...:D I love my new bg and header too, not so kame biased anymore...:) Before December ends i'll be back, new fics, fanarts and I'll start reading and commenting to fics again..:D

I'm not that active anymore but I still open my lj 3x a week just for eito updates..But im currently writing a vampire yokohina, akame fic so hopefully ill start writing actively again.

31 December 2020 @ 09:09 pm

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NOTE 1: Please leave a comment here or on my intro post if you added me and you want to be added back, because i sometimes forgot to add back, gomen..:D


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28 February 2020 @ 03:53 pm

Who is KANJANI∞???

Kanjani8 aka Eito, a group that is composed of 7 boys(or probably old men) from kansai. They were one of the most neglected johnnys despite of being part of the so called golden jr era. Yokoyama You, Murakami Shingo, Shibutani Subaru and Nishikido Ryo was part of the golden jr era, they had roles in dramas and co-hosted shows with arashi, toma and T&T. But then after Arashi and T&T debuted, these boys were neglected, JE threw them back to Osaka without a even clear path for their future.

But yeah, because of their hardwork , they were able to pull it together. Together with V west’s Maruyama Ryuhei, Uchi Hiroki, Yasuda Shota, they had a stage play called Another and tv show called j3 kansai which started everything for them again. On the 9th episode of j3 kansai, Ohkura tadayoshi joined the group and they were officially called KANJANI∞. They debuted last August 25 2004 with the single Naniwa Iroshi Bushi.

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I admire this group a lot. Their image had always been the poor and neglected kansai johnnys because they were but they crawled their way to the top and I am so proud and happy to see all their achievements.
This is a very long pimp post…xDD this is just me spreading how much I love the group.:DD I've been only a fan for 2 years so everything written here are just things that i observed and read about them during the past 2 years...:)

Also, I did this because a lot of hyphens had been asking me about kanjani8, I hope that this helped somehow. I am a hyphen too, Kat-tun was my main fandom. I met kanjani8 after Koki's termination, when I was sad and broken. I admit, this group gave me happiness.

Enjoy! You guys are entering a world full of craziness.:)
28 January 2017 @ 06:09 pm
It was so sad.
We all knew that his mom died on a day when he had an on going solo con and he cried a lot when he sang onigishi, a song he wrote for his mom.
But he also told us in this guesting that a week after that, his brother collapsed and lost his memory due to the shock of their mom's death. Took him 2 years to start remembering again.

It was really sad and he cried...
I honestly want to submit a fanletter to him now. He was making us happy despite of all the things that his been going through. The last time i sent one was last aug 2013, before Koki's termination.

Im really going to do this... but im looking for someone to translate it in japanese...xDD

*sigh* i love that guy so much...:D
16 January 2017 @ 02:34 pm
Well i got a lot of free time so....xDD

I am the only who doesn't hate Johnny's, as in the agency.... There are no perfect agency, right? I mean, i guess the talent agencies in korea are a lot worse than JE...

some hates them because their fav group got low sales due to less promotions
Is this really JE's fault? SMAP doesnt get as much promotions as any group in JE but look at them.. not their fault that they are famous.:D

Think of it... We were worried about NEWS when Ryo and Yamapi left, we were worried about Shige the most and look at what he did. He wrote a book, he got notice more because of it.

There are a lot of groups, not everyone can be number 1... I am not even an arashi fan but gosh, don't hate them for being the most famous johnnys artist.. It wasn't their fault that people love them more than your fav group... There a lot of things that your fav group could do but arashi cant but it goes both ways, there are a lot of things that arashi can do but your fav group cant.

I am actually one of those who hates it when JE doesnt do promotions for a group because it's their job as the agency to take care of their talents but my point was, not all the time it is JE's fault. They'll give their talents chances by giving them acting roles and such so that people will notice them more, but if people still didn't even notice them then it is not je's fault anymore...

Do something more than what je could give. Like Shige as a writer, or when Yoko decided to write eight ranger skit, or toma focusing on his acting career. Tokio's sales arent as high as some johnny's groups too, i think.. but they are doing great with their tv shows, they are always trending.. Why blame JE for all the misfortunes:3
Many of my fb friends posted something about moving their lj accnt to dreamwidth. When I opened my lj accnt, some of my friends posted the same thing.... I seriously do not know what is happening...:DD But i created a dreamwidth accnt and imported everything there.... hikaru08.dreamwidth.org

Don't know how it works but after importing the entries at dreamwidth, dfoes it mean that even if I deleted a post here in LJ, it will still be available in dreamwidth?hmmm
19 September 2016 @ 07:28 pm
So yesterday it happened. It finally happened. I saw INKT, I saw Koki in person.
I've been following INKT since the beginning, Kei is actually my fav. Koki is special, he is always special to me..♥

I wore a costume and it was actually my first time so I got really really tired..haha
I am actually from INKT Philippines page in FB, we exist just to promote INKT because just like INKT, we were worried that we will not gather enough people for the ongaku fest, so I'm not sure about manager-san's post about unofficial shirts being made.

We are really happy because we know most of the fans probably went there for Koki but after the event, i know most of them became fans of mACKAz, sassy and Kei too.

During the fanmeet I wasnt able to ask any question during the fanmeet because I am lame, and you'll know how lame I am as I go on with my story.

INKT entered from the door on my side, if I tried to reach them I could probably touch them. The moment they opened the door, I shouted KEI~!!!! Kei was the first guy on my view and he was so dazzling, I got mesmerized, he was so white..xD They might be from a rock band but honestly they are all good looking. They greeted us in tagalog 'Magandang Hapon' (Good Afternoon).

These are some of the questions that I remembered

1. They were asked how many tattoos do they have and if they are planning to add another one.
- Koki said he is the only one with a tattoo (I got surprised actually) and he isn't sure how many he got already.

2. Someone asked what filipino food they like.
- Koki said Jollibee (it is a fastfood chain here in PH), he said he like the spaghetti
- Kei answered sinigang
- Mackaz : Mango
- Sassy: Banana

3. If you are going to be turned into an animal, what would you like to be?
- Koki : Penguin
- Kei : Neko (before he could answer I already knew that he'll say Neko.xD)
- mackaz: Hawk
- sassy: Horse (I actually forgot Sassy's answer but someone told me that it was horse :D)

4. They were ask who would they like to collaborate with.
- Koki answered Haruna Luna (she is one of the guest)

5. I can't remember the question exactly but I think they were ask if they like any filipino artist.
- They answered Tanya Markova (again, they are one of the guest.xD)

6. If you could switch body to any member, who will it be?
- Koki and Kei was so cute here, all of them answered Sassy because he got a healthy body
- Sassy answered Mackaz

7. Koki mentioned that they tried bamboo dance, so a fan asked if it was embarrassing
- Koki said rather then embarrassing, it was actually fun.

8. Some asked them to go 'pak ganern'
- i cant really explain this well but it was funny, if BOA will upload a vid of them doing this, ill link it here.

So to the autograph signing... I am lame...xDDD
We did it by row and handshakes are not allowed unless initiated by the artist.
so i went there quietly, ask the staff if I could give them the gifts one by one. I prepared a lot of gifts actually..xD

this pins, i decided to give this to them one by one

First was Sassy, Sassy was unexpectedly very very cute. I mean, he looks thin on photos but damn he is very lovable, his perfect pair of dimples could kill you..xDD I didn't talk when I was in front of Sassy, i just keep on bowing as thank you, i just didn't know what to say so i really wanted to smack my head for that..

So when i went to mackaz I tried to say konichiwa and arigatou i wonder if he heard it though, i was so lame... But i gave him the gift and he said arigato ro me and I didn't remember what happened... I am so not good at meeting the people I actually wanted to meet...

Then there is Kei who was lively, he is my fav, i died. When i gave him my gift, he talked to me. He actually said a lot of things, i just do not know what to say so i just smiled, he complimented my pin he said it was so cute so i just thank him, im dying right there, i do not know what to do. so I just move to Koki... Kei I love you..T.T i was just lame.

I didn't know that I could actually ask for a handshake because of I knew that, i'd probably ask all the members.
So I saw everyone before me asked koki for a handshake so I did ask koki for a handshake too... which made me feel guilty about kei because i like him, but i couldnt talk to him.....xDD i missed the chance...xDD

i was so out of focused in front of them that i cant remember if i did something weird or if my facial expression is the opposite of what i actually feel. I do not know but aside for the pin, i got this

and i forgot to give this too them because I was lame..haha i gave it to the staff instead..xDD

We had a photo op too...xDD i wanted to stand behind kei, but since i was sitting on the right side i was on mackaz and sassy side instead.. That was when I fell for both sassy and mackaz 100x more.... I died again, they killed me..xDD I thought mackaz was quite scary but he wasnt, sassy made an eye contact with me and smiled with his dimples showing, im done.. I wanted to faint, really..xDD

After the fanmeet we need to wait a few more hours for Ongaku fest( the concert) Haruna Luna performed first though. during the last song we could already see INKT waiting at the side, Koki was so cute, we was warming up, he keeps on jumping and he was doing high kicks..xDD
I cant remember things exactly but INKT performed trigger first, ahhh i love them. INKT's energy was so amazing. Other songs that they performed were A whole new world, 45', wanderlust and physalis.... I think they performed 3 more songs but i am not sure if one was Shangri-La when I am too excited and overwhelmed, I forget things, I am lame...xDD
But they made us shout 'Pak ganern'. Koki: When I say 'Pak' you say 'ganern'...xDD I died..xDD

Their solos was sooo good too.... You'll fell in love with Sassy's drum solo, he was so amazing, seriously many girls fell for him during this event. I honestly wanted to hug him...xDD

we kept on shouting 'encore' and i thought that they'll appear again but sadly they didnt. It ended earlier than expected, they could still perform 2 more songs....:(

Well I enjoyed it so much. I love INKT, ive been following them, i listen to them, kei's my favorite but i guess, i'd follow them more now. Things happened but I hope that they'll come back to the philippines next year. I seriously wanted more, i didn't want it to end. I miss them already...:(

Thank you INKT for the awesome experience...
Please come back soon..:DD
11 September 2016 @ 06:39 pm

-- i was quite busy, i wasnt able to prepare anything:(
INKT will perform here next week and i got busy thinking of what gift i should buy and I got quite stressed because of things......

Please talk to me about Kanjani8 and INKT..xDD
02 September 2016 @ 07:43 pm
Ive been an eito fan since jan 2014, they became my main fandom since may or jun2014.
But i didnt let kattun go, i love them. I still bought their single/albums/dvds. But honestly as someone who was obviously on koki's side during hyphens 'anger stage', it became hard for me to move around this fandom. I'm a 6nin fan. and as you can see on my username I was a huge kame fangirl. It became hard because whenever you try to enjoy things, its common for someone to suddenly state how allergy she is to jin, koki and now junno. how can i say this... hmm it became depressing to be in this fandom, since fans will forever judge you for loving the ex members.. But what can I do, i love kattun... It is really sad to see that things seems a bit worse compared when koki left, so yeahh.....

eito's the least stressful group ever, they are full of love and fun...but when it comes to eito, i dont really have friends in eito fandom...i flail alone and its quite sad too... xD i feel shy to join some fans since they've been fan for so many years already while i am just new.. 2 years.....:D unlike kt, ive been a fan for 8 years already...:3
01 September 2016 @ 12:53 pm
Well i feel weird for being happy... i mean when it happened to koki, everyone is mad at koki and now everyone is mad at junno...i honestly want to talk to a psychologist to know why i always feel different compared to others..xD kame and yuichi were my favs so why did i feel this way.... i feel weird, should i get mad at koki and junno too?? If you are my friend since 2010.. you know how much i love kattun so you cant tell me that i dont love them as much as you do because you have no idea how broken i was when koki left yet i never got mad at him...

edit: my bad, now i understand everything more after thinking about it. I cant defend junno now, he did lie. He was insensitive for releasing a single when kt are still on hiatus. everything is still fresh for the hyphens so.... He did a wrong move.

Well anyway INKT will perform in my country this coming sept 18..im excited

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