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08 December 2025 @ 08:41 pm
Minna-san konnichiwa!

This is my new introduction post! :)
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so that's it.....see you soon~!! I'll be back soon.. Hopefully when I am sane enough...:D Sorry to my prev rants, i didn't expect that Koki's termination will affect me this much but I am a huge 5nin fan so if you are a tanaka koki hater, we will not get along... I support 4nin as well but I am not a Tanaka Koki hater...:D I love my new bg and header too, not so kame biased anymore...:) Before December ends i'll be back, new fics, fanarts and I'll start reading and commenting to fics again..:D

I'm not that active anymore but I still open my lj 3x a week just for eito updates..But im currently writing a vampire yokohina, akame fic so hopefully ill start writing actively again.

31 December 2020 @ 09:09 pm

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NOTE 1: Please leave a comment here or on my intro post if you added me and you want to be added back, because i sometimes forgot to add back, gomen..:D


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28 February 2020 @ 03:53 pm

Who is KANJANI∞???

Kanjani8 aka Eito, a group that is composed of 7 boys(or probably old men) from kansai. They were one of the most neglected johnnys despite of being part of the so called golden jr era. Yokoyama You, Murakami Shingo, Shibutani Subaru and Nishikido Ryo was part of the golden jr era, they had roles in dramas and co-hosted shows with arashi, toma and T&T. But then after Arashi and T&T debuted, these boys were neglected, JE threw them back to Osaka without a even clear path for their future.

But yeah, because of their hardwork , they were able to pull it together. Together with V west’s Maruyama Ryuhei, Uchi Hiroki, Yasuda Shota, they had a stage play called Another and tv show called j3 kansai which started everything for them again. On the 9th episode of j3 kansai, Ohkura tadayoshi joined the group and they were officially called KANJANI∞. They debuted last August 25 2004 with the single Naniwa Iroshi Bushi.

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I admire this group a lot. Their image had always been the poor and neglected kansai johnnys because they were but they crawled their way to the top and I am so proud and happy to see all their achievements.
This is a very long pimp post…xDD this is just me spreading how much I love the group.:DD I've been only a fan for 2 years so everything written here are just things that i observed and read about them during the past 2 years...:)

Also, I did this because a lot of hyphens had been asking me about kanjani8, I hope that this helped somehow. I am a hyphen too, Kat-tun was my main fandom. I met kanjani8 after Koki's termination, when I was sad and broken. I admit, this group gave me happiness.

Enjoy! You guys are entering a world full of craziness.:)
08 July 2017 @ 01:43 am
Posting just to kill time.... It's 1:30am now and i need to wait until 3am to sleep...😂

I am paranoid and traumatized when it comes to cockroaches...😂 It happens every once or twice a year... cockroach attack...xD suddenly there will be way too many cockroaches flying from everywhere...It happened tonight.. It usually happens on august but last yr, it happened on october and this yr it happened today...😂😂 Ill usually hide inside my parents room until 3am... cockroaches are often gone by that time.. Dunno know if.there are explanation but that was just my experience...

My room's design is annoying that is why when there are cockroaches, it could easily get inside. so.i hide inside my parents room instead...😂
07 June 2017 @ 09:52 am
Tanaka Koki will be released tomorrow. They found nothing against him.
He was positive, but others says that it could be second hand smoking. They found traces in his car, probably someone who sat beside him did it. Some thinks that Koki is being ask to name names. They went to his house and found nothing too...

Everyone was quick to judge koki... now that he is abt to be released, it doesnt matter to them........ Someone told me he is ruined already.... No he isnt, he is one of the strongest guy that I fangirl....He was strong enough to go againsts je's rule to be happy, he was strong enough to form a new group, he was strong enough to face everything that why everyone likes throwing stones at him....There was a reason why everyone.who worked with Koki outside je defended him.... Those who were quick to judge didnt even know him personally... Why support someone like him?? the drugs wasnt proven... Why support someone like him? my love for Koki wasnt this deep before he left kattun, he was nver my ichiban.. someone like koki is simply someone worth supporting... I hope to see INKT again soon... Eito or INKT is probably the hardest question ever..😂
26 May 2017 @ 02:52 pm
im on mobile... it takes time to upload pics here so... ill just put my fb link

ph buyers only

25 May 2017 @ 04:55 pm
so true or not this is what i dont understand....Why blame koki and junno in everything... why the hell would you connect koki and junno in kattun and blame them in everything???

few mons ago this happened to junno after he released connect and that was when i decided that no i cant continue being hyphen anymore... ill forever support all 6 of them but you cant freaking force me to blame junno and koki in everything...

sorry, i dont hate koyama but i honestly dont like his statement abt 3nin doing their best and he cant forgive koki if this is true because it will ruin kattun's name... he is not kattun anymore....

have you ever think this way?? like blamimg je instead.... why put 6 people together in a group who doesnt get along well, who has different views, who has different dreams, priority and goals??? No matter how different they are they should at least have 1 goal, and it is to make the group bigger and better...

Let's admit it, kt actually focuses on the group or theirselves... Ive never seen them prioritize the other members... its like they werent just meant to be...

Why blame junno and koki until now....
They are still trending worldwide~!!!!!
The audience are not eito fans but i havent seen 1 negative tweet about eito, most of them are surprised that kanjani8 could do a performance like that...

Kanjani8's The most underrated Johnnys ever.....if you think that your idols are being neglected in je, just look at kanjani8. known as just the funny idols, but look at what they could actually do.... What is talent?? Kanjani8.

They werent known as the pretty , handsome and cool boys who could dance coolly and acts handsomely. They are KANJANI8 and they are totally more than just a johnnys idol.

I really hate it whenever i remember when someone asked me why kanjani8 yet i wasnt able to explain it clearly... I regret that, i feel embarrassed. But why Kanjani8? we have everything, great music, awesome members, amazing singles and dvds, funny skits, cool concert stages, love and happiness....xDD Why kanjani?? why not?! :)
First of all, im still jobless after resigning last january...:D I mentioned that I opened a small craft business.... I am quite thankful since i got a lot of orders but honestly, i dont earn much...but i am happy... I dont know how to tell my parents that I really want to focus on this.... I like arts and crafts and this is making me happy...:(

TO THE EIGHTERTAINMENT THOUGHTS~!! and screen caps....a lot of screen caps..xD

The Yakuza opening was amazing~!!! as expected from Nakamura Teppei x Eito...They look so cool! We seriously need, 8uppers 2!!!! if you havent seen this yet, if you are still waiting for your copy, someone posted it already so please!! please watch it..xD But please do buy the DVD if you can...:D

14 May 2017 @ 09:19 pm
well, when i heard it last friday, i wasnt able to sleep....xD I was so excited and nervous for them..xD

Metrock tickets were sold out even before kanjani8 was announced. Eito was the surprised artist.... They are out of their comfort zone.... metrock audience could be or could be not a fan or a hater.... but watching eightertainment disc 2, i know that they are ready..

It's new experience for them, it is a big thing...
They will not lose anything, eighters are still eighters whatever happens on metrock but if they performed well, they'll gain a lot... I am excited and nervous...:D

Also, ive seen eightertainment~!!!! ill probably post my thoughts tomorrow...:D but as i said, after watching eightertainment disc 2, i know that they are ready for metrock...♥