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08 December 2025 @ 08:41 pm
Minna-san konnichiwa!

*edited(09/3/2017)* Just to make things clear, Kanjani8 is my main fandom now. I am stressed with life so im quite busy but ill never lose time for kanjani8, a little bit of arashi and tokio..also INKT(even after they disbanded), koki and Junno.... so if it's about these boys, dont hesitate to add and pm me... i love talking to anyone about them...:D

This is my new introduction post! :)
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so that's it.....see you soon~!! I'll be back soon.. Hopefully when I am sane enough...:D Sorry to my prev rants, i didn't expect that Koki's termination will affect me this much but I am a huge 5nin fan so if you are a tanaka koki hater, we will not get along... I support 4nin as well but I am not a Tanaka Koki hater...:D I love my new bg and header too, not so kame biased anymore...:) Before December ends i'll be back, new fics, fanarts and I'll start reading and commenting to fics again..:D

I'm not that active anymore but I still open my lj 3x a week just for eito updates..But im currently writing a vampire yokohina, akame fic so hopefully ill start writing actively again.

31 December 2020 @ 09:09 pm

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NOTE 1: Please leave a comment here or on my intro post if you added me and you want to be added back, because i sometimes forgot to add back, gomen..:D


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28 February 2020 @ 03:53 pm

Who is KANJANI∞???

Kanjani8 aka Eito, a group that is composed of 7 boys(or probably old men) from kansai. They were one of the most neglected johnnys despite of being part of the so called golden jr era. Yokoyama You, Murakami Shingo, Shibutani Subaru and Nishikido Ryo was part of the golden jr era, they had roles in dramas and co-hosted shows with arashi, toma and T&T. But then after Arashi and T&T debuted, these boys were neglected, JE threw them back to Osaka without a even clear path for their future.

But yeah, because of their hardwork , they were able to pull it together. Together with V west’s Maruyama Ryuhei, Uchi Hiroki, Yasuda Shota, they had a stage play called Another and tv show called j3 kansai which started everything for them again. On the 9th episode of j3 kansai, Ohkura tadayoshi joined the group and they were officially called KANJANI∞. They debuted last August 25 2004 with the single Naniwa Iroshi Bushi.

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I admire this group a lot. Their image had always been the poor and neglected kansai johnnys because they were but they crawled their way to the top and I am so proud and happy to see all their achievements.
This is a very long pimp post…xDD this is just me spreading how much I love the group.:DD I've been only a fan for 2 years so everything written here are just things that i observed and read about them during the past 2 years...:)

Also, I did this because a lot of hyphens had been asking me about kanjani8, I hope that this helped somehow. I am a hyphen too, Kat-tun was my main fandom. I met kanjani8 after Koki's termination, when I was sad and broken. I admit, this group gave me happiness.

Enjoy! You guys are entering a world full of craziness.:)
It is Orange and Yellow month~!!!! Ryo, Koki, Junno and Maru's bday..yey!!!

Also Sanbaka was On Sho's Yakai last nov 2....
Someone please sub it!!!.xD
17 October 2017 @ 08:41 pm
Kanjani8 Song recommendations
I made a kanjani8 pimp post before here: https://kazu-chan-love.livejournal.com/83050.html

Now, here are my song recommendations that might not help because the list is too long. Well Eito is the type of group who sings all genres/ all type of songs, i think they even created their own genre or something..xD so yup, i tried to put them on different categories but not sure...xD Just to be clear, these are not all of their songs,xD these are the songs that first pop up in my mind after i thought of a category, probably missed a lot of good one(will probably add more)..:D

Band Songs/ Rock-ish
1. Zou
2. Uchu ni itta lion
3. Do you Agree?
4. Heavenly psycho
5. Jackhammer
6. Banso
7. Traffic
8. Monogram
9. Life ~me no mae no muko e~
10. BJ
11. Noroshi
12. Misetekure
13. Rolling Coaster
14. Furimuku wake ni wa ikanai ze
15. Yuyami train
16. Kokoro sora mayou
17. West side

Slow Band/ Ballads
1. All is well
2. wander
3. Genki ga deru song
4. Tsubasa n o Koi
5. Osaka Romanesque
6. My Home
7. Seishun nostalgia
8. Background
9. Samurai song
10. Namida no kotae
11. Mirai no mokou e
12. Futatsu te to te
13. Omoidama
14. Hibiki

Dance (Cool dance songs? not tsumi to natsu/ maemuki scream type of songs)
1. Black of night
2. Masterpiece
3. Frozen Margarita
4. Wasabi
5. Sorry sorry love
6. Brulee
7. Water drop
8. Dye D

Idolish (From cute idolish to cool idolish type of song) songs that normal idols will sing?..xDD something like that…:D
1. Rescue rescue
2. Rurarira
3. Panorama
4. Ima
5. Ai deshita
6. I to U
7. Tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku
8. Yu
9. Nakanai de boku no music
10. Hesomagari
11. Eightopop
12. TWL
13. Clover
14. Cool magic city
15. It’s my soul (don’t watch the PV, just listen to the song)
16. Ichubyou kiss

Dunno how to categorize these :D
1. Doyagao jinsei
2. Junjou koi Hanabi
3. Kagayakeru Butai e
4. Katte ni Shiyagare
5. Mugendai
6. Fight for the eight
7. Kurage
8. Misoji Shounen
9. Takoyaki in my heart
10. Do nai
11. Never say never
12. rage
13. Jam lady
14. Egetsunai
15. Dear Summer-sama

Bonus Alter ego songs
1. ER – Eight ranger (Eito as rangers)
2. Candy my love – Canjani8 (eito as a girl group)

Unit Songs
Hanikami Obrigado – Yokohina
Torn – Torn(Ohkura x Ryo)
Steal your love – Torn
The Light – Yasu x Maru
Nostalgia – Ryo, yasu, maru, Ohkura
Adam to Eve – Yoko x Ohkura
Michi – Baru x maru

I will still add unit songs and solo songs...:D
25 September 2017 @ 08:46 pm
Well I am back with an 8am to 5pm job... sadly....:((
my business is still on... But I cant accept all orders anymore...This is really tiring but I dont want to quit my mini business because it makes me happy....

But despite everything, i still have time for eito... xD Id be really really really depressed without eito :(...

who saw purekin∞ MV??!! if you are an eito fan, watch it.... :D
13 September 2017 @ 07:24 pm
After a very very tiring week finishing a lot of orders...I finally decided to make one for myself...:D My fav eito ranger...:DD

my fb page: Infinity 8 crafts

01 September 2017 @ 09:57 pm


im sad and disappointed because they didnt continue... Koki wasnt even proven guilty...

im ok, i just want koki still be active even if inkt disbanded already... also, heartless bitches please dont use this against or to make fun of koki's fans...karma is real..😂😂
20 August 2017 @ 06:55 am
im not hating but my point was why drag kame even on yoko's anan shoot... so unrelated...

also you cant judge anyone if she was never a kame fan or if she isnt a kame fan anymore.... sometimes its due to fans like you

a hyphen friend is organizing a yuichi x.tatchan bday celebration..she invited me and i even made the giveaways... but i cant come... haha there are some kame fans there who hates junno and koki... im in very good terms with kattun fans except if they are kame fans... i mean i need to observe first how much of a hater they are or if they like most of kame fans or most of kattun fans... im sorry you know that i was a huge kame fan.but this yr i experienced meeting a lot of kame fans (a lot! like almost all of.them)..who hates everyone on earth except kame... and it was very annoying..😂😂
17 August 2017 @ 09:01 pm
one good thing about eito before is that no one hates them because they were never a threat.... they got noticed more last 2007 but started booming and even became the 2nd most selling last 2010-2011 after jin's departure from kattun and ryo and pi's from news.... but who cares, their own company doesnt even care about this group from kansai who are more comedians than idols.....

ive been a fan for 4 years and this is the first time ive seen people compares(is compare the right word?its more like if only eito isnt there or why eito member why not blah) them to kisumai, to hey say jump, gosshhh even yoko to kame... kame was like up there at the idol rank while yoko was up there at the comedian rank, seriously?? that is currently the bad effects of eito promoting a rock band and idolish image.... i was honestly thinking that 2017 wont be a good year for them, but it was... eito isnt getting younger so I do not know what will happen next yr but... Im glad they were able to do everything this yr... im thinking, what can they do more? well they always have surprised, they always do new and impossible things...I thought it's impossible for yoko to do anan sex shoot because he is already 36, well nothing is impossible...xDD